PT IndoLampung Perksa operates a sugarcane plantation and a high volume mill

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The essential idea behind Sugar Group Companies is to band together a group of businesses which are both vertically and horizontally integrated in the sugarcane industry. This allows for the businesses to work for the ultimate benefit of one another and to improve the overall productivity of the companies. It also increases productivity and facilitates smoother operations throughout those businesses. Sugar Group Companies represents upstream sugar cane plantations, midstream sugar milling factories, and downstream sugar product distribution to consumer markets, especially in Indonesia.

The plantations and factories owned and run by Sugar Group Companies are found in Lampung Province. They run ten offices located throughout Indonesia, which helps with the distribution of finished consumer sugar products. CEO Gunawan Jusuf has helped to lead the company to success. One of the most popular products is “Gulaku”, which is a premium, commercial, refined sugar product that has become a household name throughout Indonesia. One of the subsidiaries that operates under the umbrella of Sugar Group Companies is called PT IndoLampung Perksa—which operates a sugarcane plantation and a high volume mill.

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